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Climate positive NFT Marketplace

Next level Fan Experience

Curation & Creating NFT

Proud to be the curator of this sustainable NFT marketplace. Wisekey is a nasdaq listed cybersecurity company and is not in the NFT game for hot air NFT projects. Safe and eco friendly is the way forward.

NFT Art Foundation 

NFT Art Foundation

Inception & Creative

Row Weber together with Dr. Annette Doms are doing things differently when it comes their foundation. Having doners from Beeple, Xsullo to Vacades is showing promises to have a non profit impact with this mission. Its a win win for both sides, the crypto stars have bonded with Row Weber over years and are now supporting his charity and foundation with NFTs to support whatever good cause the foundation see fit. From underpriviliged youth to conservation projects. The plans are there and Custodian Art is growing.