What we do

We believe that nobody should be left out from the opportunities that actually arise in the digital world of creativity. We believe that helping people, who are willing to join the NFT space is a step in the right direction for everyone to understand what it’s all about – without having you to go through trial and error.  We are here to guide you on a win-win base for all of us. No matter if you need a strategic overview of the market, or you want to start tapping into the NFT market, or need a technical solution for your mission, we can do this for you. With our founders and mentors who combine years of experience and knowledge we give you the best solutions for this amazing market. And with you as newcomer in the NFT world we assists you to make the best choices when it comes to buying, creating, tokenising or promoting NFT sales.

Strategy Consulting:

  • NFT/Blockchain introduction
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • Market Overview
  • Case Studies


  • Access to a global network of License Owners
  • Network to the Entertainment
  • Sports and ArtIndustry
  • Identifying potential license partnerships
  • Negotiating License-NFT-Deals
  • Tokenizing NFT
  • Promoting NFT Sales


  • Defining NFT Assets
  • Setup NFT Store
  • Tokenizing NFT
  • Promoting NFT Sales


  • Developing Customized Solution
  • Leveraging Existing Technology Partners